Corsair Subdivision

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Located in Payette, ID

Corsair subdivision in Payette, Idaho is a desirable residential area for families seeking affordable and modern homes. Located off of 6th Ave and S 16th St, Corsair offers a convenient location within the city. The subdivision features a range of homes, including those in cul-de-sacs, which can provide a sense of privacy and safety for families. Corsair subdivision in Payette, Idaho is conveniently located near both Payette High School and Payette Primary School, making it an ideal location for families with school-aged children. Payette High School is just a short distance away, while Payette Primary School is just a short drive from the subdivision. This location may make it easier for families to get their kids to and from school in a timely manner, while also allowing for easy access to school events and activities.

Floorplans in this Subdivision

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